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Welcome to Lamb's Hope

Serving the Dying and the Lost

“There aren’t gonna be enough moments, won’t be enough words, there’s no way to get around this, I can’t wish away this hurt”

“There’s something you can give, something you can do, a way to make a difference,  that’s why you’ve got to, live like your living” 

“In the telling, in the hearing, we’ll find freedom, we’ll find healing, and we’ll laugh, and we’ll cry” 


These are lyrics from  songs we created to carry the message we want to share.

Lambs Hope is an online support community designed to reach those searching for meaning and hope . I've been actively involved in hospice care for the past 11 years since the death of my brother.  My husband and I have been called to build a ministry to support the dying and the lost.

Lambs Hope is based on compassion, understanding, and the never ending hope  found in Jesus.

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